A Poem for Consideration

Besides researching and looking in the world of Jane Austen (and 19th century Life), I do write poetry as well. I have issues with sharing them (as most people probably do) as they tend to be personal on some level. But then, what writer doesn’t include some of their own experience when creating art? Please note that this is very rough and not polished at all.

Those eyes.

They haunt, beckon,

Disturb; they pierce into my mind

Penetrating unknown recesses.

They can be as stormy as the sea,

As icy as a glacier,

Filled with heat to turn sand into glass.

Each one containing a volcano of expressions.

Those eyes.

The gaze they deliver can be

Blinding, hurtful,

Seductively reproachful.

Sultry enough for me to drown in them

While stripped bare of defenses.

They caress as they wound.