I am unabashedly a Historian in that I love history. Especially 19th Century History. I have done so much research into this period of time that I have come to realize that while I still love reading Jane Austen, she lied. What I mean by that is she whitewashed her own reality and things we seem to accept from her novels as “gospel truth” aren’t. Austen left out the ugliness, the poverty, the sex, the life that makes the late Georgian and Regency (or Empire, if you prefer) so fascinating. This was a time period full of changes and often violent. My hope is to put the history back into Austen and also share some of this with you. Of course, some of these posts will be personal (can’t help that) and sometimes I may digress and go off on one of my geeky/nerdy things. And sometimes I will just share poetry. But I shall endeavor to enjoy myself, inform, and inspire.